Digital Marketing For Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies

Digital Marketing For Insurance Companies

Nowadays, with the power of Internet, consumers are more informed than ever before. Prior to making decision, they extensively research various plans, read reviews about different providers/sellers and ask their peers for recommendations. Insurance companies, also need to adapt to their funnel and target consumers using Digital Marketing and below we will explain how Digital Marketing for insurance companies can help brands widen their audience and add “digital” into their marketing strategies.

Message across channels

Insurance companies, operates in the offline space (until recently) and only with some TV spots, in terms of marketing and operations. However, with the most companies using Digital Strategies for their branding, companies need to ensure that they spread their message across all platforms. Having a strong brand image is crucial to improve customer trust. All of communications, promotions and other marketing activities will depend upon the brand image that the company creates.

In some cases, companies may need to rebrand themselves to adapt to digital space. If you do decide to updates the look and feel of your brand make it stand out better on digital platforms and also ensure that you offline branding follows suit. Consistency between your online and offline personas is key to creating a strong brand.

Performance Driven Website

When it comes to digital marketing for insurance companies, a website is more than just a tool for branding. While one of the most important uses of a website is to communicate your brand image to your audience it should also be useful resource of information for them. When it comes to making a decision about which insurance provider  to partner with, customers do so only after carrying out extensive research. It is important, you website to provide customers with all information they need in order to make the decision and buy from you.

It is also  important to ensure that your website is user-friendly. Personalisation of Home Pages is becoming increasingly important for a positive user experience. In addition, a good optimization of your website with strong SEO techniques to drive organic traffic and gain greater visibility is also must! Apart from that, you also need to add your business in Google Listings such as Google My Business so to help your audience learn more about your company.

Content Marketing

It is widely know that choosing an insurance provider is not a quick decision and also is not one-time process. Customers, may want to renew their contracts plans periodically or sign up for new ones. However, effective marketing techniques can help you gain the trust of your audience by establishing your brand as a thought leader in the field.  Content marketing can be  one of the most useful ways to reach a wider audience.

Be active on Social Media

Encourage customers to engage with your brand on social media by providing fast, personal replies. Also, create graphics increase relevance by linking the graphic to a related article on your website or blog. One graphic can be shared across Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, and don’t be afraid to add a personal comment: Facebook suggests that businesses can boost engagement by combining a high-quality image with a short, instructive caption.

Use chatbots

Large insurance companies typically handle huge volumes of customer queries every single day. So, in order to handle large-scale customer queries, many insurance brands are turning to AI-powered solutions like chatbots.

Use PPC advertising

Paid advertising can be fast and effective and can also be a fast and effective lead generation tool in digital marketing for insurance companies. Companies can target audiences by age, locality and intent, which can help them generate high-quality leads. Since insurance companies are also interested in finding younger audiences to build a relationship with them from the start, advertising on Facebook through video ads, Carousel Ads and more can help them engage with this segment.

Digital marketing has a number of clear advantages for insurance companies. While this segment has traditionally not been active on digital platforms, it’s clear that making the shift will help insurance companies widen their audience and gain more visibility.



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