10 Types of Marketing Strategies

marketing strategies

Marketing strategies might look very similar to marketing plan. However, marketing strategies take a closer look on some of the parts of the marketing plan. For instance, if your marketing plan is to promote a new product or service, a marketing strategy could be an email marketing to support the broader promotion. Every marketing plan cam have many marketing strategies in order to support the plan.

Types of Marketing strategies

There are different marketing strategies that you can use depending on your business needs. Below are some of the main marketing strategies that you are likely to come across:

#1 – Social Media Marketing Strategy

Today, social media marketing is a huge part of any business’s marketing plan as it is one of compelling way to drive traffic, build brand awareness and take advantage of selling through social media. Many users now, using social platforms to research brands and products and out of those consumers who follow a particular brand are more likely to purchase from the brand.

#2 – Email Marketing Strategy

Gaining your customer’s emails should be an essential part of your marketing strategy as is a way to continue your follow up with people who expresses interest in your brand.

#3 – Inbound Marketing Strategy

An inbound marketing strategy is all about pulling customers in and driving traffic to your website or products. Email is part of inbound marketing strategy. Someone who subscribe in your mailing list shows that somehow is interested in what you are offering or what you have to say. These leads are more likely to become sales.

In addition, blog posts can also be considered as an inbound marketing strategy. People will see blog posts that are similar to their search terms and interests.

#4 – Content Marketing Strategy

A content marketing strategy may be confused with an inbound marketing strategy, however this strategy is more specific. In content marketing strategy you focus on content creation that will attract people in and build interest.

#5 – Editorial Strategy

Editorial strategy is important for your advertising campaigns a it highlights the channels you will be using to hit your marketing goals. It is similar as to what you expect to see in a new or media organization and can be essential for brand publishers or advertisers to keep their marketing efforts and ideas in focus.

#6 – Marketing Communications Strategy

Your communications strategy should be focused on your brand’s message and value proposition. It is all about how you are going to say what you want to say. Is your brand voice serious or humorous? What is the message you want to get across?

#7 – Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing probably is not something new that we are going to discuss. This marketing strategy is all about your online marketing SEO, social media, performance marketing and more.

#8 – Internal Marketing Strategy

Although internal marketing will be less vital for small businesses. It is vital part of the marketing efforts for large companies. An example of this strategy is an email that lets employees know they are eligible to become shareholders or asks existing shareholders to support new initiative.

#9 – Public Relations Strategy

PR strategies can be complicated. Ensure you keep your customers happy as PR is important for your brand image. Any large business should have a dedicated PR team and also offers invaluable word-of-mouth advertising.

#10 – SEO Strategy

SEO is the art of using keywords and phrases to boost your visibility when users search for relevant terms on the internet. The best way to drive traffic to your website is to have a right optimized content.