Digital Marketing for Hospitality Industry

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Digital Marketing for Hospitality Industry

While travellers plan their trips to make the most of their stays, travel marketing experts need to plan their digital budgets and strategies. To make the best decisions, travel marketers need to know the latest trends and tactics for successful marketing.

  1. Your Website

    Website is the first thing someone should invest his money. This is because, more and more people prefer to book directly on hotel’s website rather using other third-party sites. Even in the case to book from a third-party site a guest will be also check hotel’s website. By optimizing a user-friendly site can create impressions and hence more guests will book without a second thought.

  2. Social Media Marketing

    A hotel’s activity on social media channels can be a key for success in Search Engine Marketing. That’s because by being active and interactive with your audience is something that Google tends to favor. But here is the question of “how often should I need to post?”. The answer is that is good to post and being active often throughout the week but that doesn’t mean being active makes you better. The quality of the post is also important.

  3. Influencer Marketing

    Here is where bloggers, instagrammers, podcasters with huge audience on social media can promote your business. It is considered to be a powerful strategy.

  4. Video Marketing

    If your business does not have a video yet, it is time to create one! You can create a content calendar so for each season to promote something new. If your hotel offers a different menu or room offer e.g for Christmas period, is good to promote this limited offer to your audience. Don’t forget to share the video on channels that will bring more acquisition.

  5.  Optimize Mobile

    We cannot ignore mobile friendly websites. Mobile is a must in people’s life especially when it comes to book or reserve travelling.


If you have more questions let us help you! We can grow your Hotel’s Online Presence!