Consumer Behavior: The evolution of Digital Marketing

Consumer behavior

Digital Marketing is a part of our lives. It is in smartphones, tablets, PCs. Even if no one was even close to this field now everyone cares for their brand promotion. So, here, we are going to explore some useful insights that it may be useful to study the consumer behavior in Digital Marketing.

Consumers set their own benchmarks

Even with the advantage of Digital Marketing, it is not an easy task to gain customers. The reason is that what looks good to them is what will make them buy. They will make the comparison between your brand and competitors and will choose the one that suits them the best in terms of all the elements. So every brand should be creative and maintain a presence on social media platforms to be a step ahead of the others.

Word of Mouth

The “word of mouth” is one of the most powerful techniques especially in the traditional marketing, where people used to take reviews form other people having knowledge or experience about the particular product or service. In Digital Marketing, word of mouth is done in terms of reviews of experts and users, ratings, testimonials, etc. In order to decide about a product or service, they will first do a research on Google, will review the sites and give a read about the brand.

Reduced Consumer Tolerance

Consumers want an immediate reaction. They want a response to their queries fast and clear. It takes just a single post or tweet for a consumer to destroy a company’s or brands rapport. There are many platforms like Quora, Facebook, Twitter etc that consumers use to share their experiences with the brand. According to human psychology, consumers are more attracted towards the negative news/reviews and there are few consumers who actually share positive reviews/posts. This issue of negative feedback is many times even misused by the competitors. To handle this situation, every brand should follow Online Reputation Management (ORM) Strategy, where you make interactions with the consumers to convert their negative image to a positive one.

Consumers are Experimenting

In the past, consumers had trust issues before going to buy a new products or choose a new service and they only buy if there was a feedback provided by the experienced consumers. Era has changed and so the mindset of the consumers. Consumers are now welcoming new products with fresh and good quality features. So that’s, why many startup companies seen a success. Thanks to Digital Marketing for creating awareness and having an easy access to them.

Consumers can Switch

Consumers in the past, they used to trust only a particular brand. Take as an example Nokia. Nokia was the only brand consumers always trusted but now it is nowhere in the market. But what make consumers change? It is when the product competitors came out with better product features and better marketing strategies. With so many options available it becomes difficult for the consumers to become loyal and switching becomes easy.

Social Media and Consumers

Here, is the consumer that drives a brand to which platform to choose for their promotion. Because, if the mass consumers are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, it becomes mandatory for the brands to have their presence on these platforms if they want to be close to their prospects and a step ahead of their competitor.


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