How To Simplify Your Social Media Strategies

social media strategies

Social Media Strategies can get complicated. It always seems to be so much to do and so little time. But if you know how to simplify your social media strategies then social media can be an efficient traffic source for your business.

Here’s How to Keep Simple Your Social Media Strategies

Brainstorm ideas and content

Brainstorm ideas regularly. Have a system that lets you do it on the go, whether it’s a physical notebook or the notes function on your phone. Keep the brainstorming sessions separate from your content creation. Then you will have always ideas to work on when you sit down in order to create content.

Catch/Hot content is the kind of content that will really catch the eye and attention of those in your niche. As you do your niche research, you’ ll see the same questions coming up repeatedly. Make a list of them and create content that answers these questions. Be sure to create paid products that do that as well. Free content you create for social media should lead followers towards your paid products.

Batch content creation

Those perfect models you see on Instagram aren’t actually taking a random selfie every day. They’re setting up a professional photo shoots to get a ton of gorgeous pics all at once. A lot of vloggers aren’t recording every day. They are making videos all at once while they are having their studio set up, their hair styled and their makeup on. Most bloggers who post a lot on Facebook and other social sites aren’t doing it on the fly. Set aside big chunks of time to create your content and make your life simpler.

Re-purpose your content

Make every piece of content you create work hard for you. One of the best ways to do this is to put it into more than one format. It can be an article, top-10 list or a PowerPoint presentation. This could also be turned a video into YouTube which you would then embed on your site. You could share it at popular sharing sites like SlideShare which is owned by LinkedIn, which has very convenient sharing buttons for all the  major social networks.

Create a publishing schedule

Create your own calendar and follow it. If you are working with a team then set up a shared calendar or use an online project management system. E.g Asana, Trello. It is important to use  a content calendar for your blog and business. Schedule all your social content in there as well as your blog content. Make sure it ties into what you will be publishing on your blog and around the web any paid products you’re releasing too.

Commit to use Social for 1 hour each day

Social media can devour your time if you are not careful so block out 2 appointments of 30 minutes each morning and evening so you minimize the danger of getting distracted and wasting hours. If you use social media for pure socializing as well, do it as a completely different time form work related tasks.

social media strategies