5 Digital Marketing Tips For The Holiday Season


November and December sales are always on the rise. Last year $690 billion, according the National Retail Federation and roughly 20% of those sales were made online.

Marketers should complement their in-store marketing plan with a string digital strategy that not only encourages lapsed customers to complete a purchase but also drives brand awareness and brings new users to the site.

Here are some recommendations on how to make the most of your holiday campaigns based on 2017 data.

5 Digital Marketing Tips For The Holiday Season

Expect an increase in CPMs during the holiday season: CPMs saw a 48% increase across all channels throughout the season with levels already increasing in October.

Lead users to your site early on with prospecting campaigns: Prospecting campaigns can enhance the size of your audience pools so that new users are brought to your site and can also be retargeted with more personalized ads later.

Make mobile priority: Mobile prospecting campaigns earned an 81% increase in return on ad spend in November and mobile retargeting campaigns delivered strong click-through rates throughout the season.

Focus your remarketing efforts in November and December: Last November, retargeting spend increased 97% month-over-month, which led to an 85% increase in sales and an 80% boost in total revenue generated.

Increase spend during Cyber Monday and Black Friday to stay competitiveCyber Monday saw the biggest spike in daily spend levels ,with a whopping 430% increase from the previous week. Black Friday came in second, with a 313% increase in daily spend.