6 Types of Videos That Your Business Should Be Using

video marketing

Creating content for social media can be overwhelming especially when you’ve run out of ideas and need to decide which types of videos you should create.

Below you will find a list of all of the videos that your business can create in order to promote your product, convert your leads and grow your audience.

#1 – Product Videos

If you are selling a service or a product that is not easy to understand it can be a good idea to create a video to explain what is what you are selling. Product videos show your product’s features and benefits and often include examples of how it works. Product videos are beneficial for potential consumers who are already considering to buy a service or product and a well explained video could convert into a lead.

#2 – Educational Videos

Educational videos are the videos that teach your audience how to solve a problem. The problem can be related to “how to use your product”. The aim of these videos is to raise awareness and knowledge so that the viewers to act on the new skills they learned while watching.

#3 – Company Culture Videos

Company culture videos highlight the human side of your brand.  They show to your audience what work life is like at your company and what is make your company great. Example of such videos are in-person interviews of employees with what they are doing and what they are working on or having fun in the office.

#4 – Q&A Videos

Q&A videos are types of videos that answer your audiences’s most important questions. You can product a video where a team member answers questions that people have submitted ahead of time. You can also record a video in advance or create a live and publish it on your social media channels later. These kind of videos are way to help your audience feel seen and heard. They can also help you to build awareness by sharing your videos to their peers.

#5 – Live Videos

Live videos are now really trending among social media platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram etc. These type of videos allow you to create streaming videos which are great for engagement in real-time. You can use these videos for Q&A, webinars, interviews or updates of your company.

#6 – User-generated videos

If you do not have time for producing videos there is anther way by getting your followers to produce content for your brand by encouraging them to use your product. You can reach out to influencers and fans to create video that shows real-life using of your product.