How to Handle Negative Comments on Social Media

handle negative social media

How to Handle Negative Comments on Social Media

As a brand with social media presence,  criticism and negative comments are the norm rather than the exception. Having thousands of customers connected to you social media accounts, negative comments are unavoidable.

How you handle these negative comments can greatly affect your online credibility. Famous brands around the world are leaders in addressing negative comments.

Here is how to manage your brand’s negative comments on social media

#1 – Read the Messages

Read the messages you received carefully. What is the root of the problem and how you can help? Additionally,  customers do not want automated replies. Try to personalize your message and show empathy. Show that you care about your customers.

#2 – Take a Screenshot

It is a good idea to document the message. It can be used for training or to share with colleagues who might want to follow up.

#3 – Reply Instantly

You should respond to negative comments instantly. Respond to negative comments within two hours although most of social users expect a reply within 1 hour. It is necessary to follow up as your customers might think that you are ignoring them.

#4 – Be Polite

When it comes to negative comments, it is not easy to keep calm. Avoid using swear words even if your customers use them. Remember basic good customer service as your response will be judged not only by the user’s you have the conversation but by all of your followers. If other loyal customers see that you are rude to other customers they will change their opinion about your brand. So, hide any aggressive emotions and make your replies as friendly and polite as possible.

#5 – Don’t Delete

Remain transparent with your audience. Delete messages instead of addressing them raises issues as you may have something to hide.



You should count negative comments as a source of information. Read every comment and find what your customers don’t like. Everyone makes mistakes and you can always find ways to fix it the key is to learn from your mistakes.