Black Friday – Marketing Ideas to Nail The Big Day in 2022

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Planning a Black Friday marketing strategy is the key to stand out in a large crowd of advertising. First of all, you need to ensure that your e-store is running on a powerful and stable eCommerce platform.

Here are the Best Black Friday Marketing Strategies in 2022

#1 – Get Started with Black Friday Email Marketing

Every business owner should plan some Black Friday email marketing strategies to get customers back to their website so they can take action on their Black Friday offers.

  • Send a warm-up email with clues and teasers in the weeks leading up to Black Friday.
  • Create abandoned cart emails.
  • Thank your clients after purchase.

#2 Boost Black Friday Sales via Social Media & SMS

Social media plays an important part in Black Friday Marketing strategy. Hence you need to highlight your brand identity by telling  unique story so that shoppers recognize you immediately. Your look, feel, tone and voice on social media platforms should all authentically represent your brand and your customer community.

Another best practice is SMS marketing. It would be a huge mistake to miss Black Friday SMS marketing. SMS makes it easy for shoppers to engage and purchase directly from the message they receive.

#3 Up and Cross Sell with Discounts

Up-selling means to buy an upgrated or more expensive version of a product they choose whereas cross-selling means to encourage clients to purchase products that are relevant to the ones added to the shopping cart.

Both are great ways to take full advantage of selling more and eventually increase average order value. If you are not offering up-sells and cross-sells in your Black Friday marketing strategy you will miss out on extra sales that you could be making.

#4 – Video Marketing

Video is an easy-to-digest format that gives our eyes a rest. As a result, more and more brands are incorporating video-based content to improve their Black Friday marketing strategies.
All in all, with these Black Friday marketing ideas for eCommerce for Black Friday marketing strategy, we hope you’ve found some quick wins that you can apply to your business.