7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Businesses

social media marketing tips


7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Businesses

Did you just start with Social Media Marketing Strategy or Digital Marketing but don’t know how to influence or you worry that no one is yet know your business? Don’t worry. Successful people started from 0!

In the Media world, there are a lot of Social Media Channels, but you don’t have to be on all of them. The key is to understand where you will find your audience and sign up for the channel that will best fit your company’s needs. There is now a trend for businesses to go on Snapchat. But, do you really know how to use it or your audience is interested to know what are you doing?

So, how to begin?

    1. Find your audience

To know your audience is a key for your strategy. Do you have a specific audience? Here’s the list on where it might be your audience:

  • Teens: Snapchat, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram
  • Parents:  Facebook!
  • Business: Linkedin
  • Bloggers: Twitter, Tumblr

    2. Which network?

Instagram: It is a photo app, therefore consider wisely. Is your business a visual company and has something to show? Then if you want to show products of your business and advertise your content you really need to create a profile! Upload, follow your followers and they will love you back!

Facebook and Twitter: If you are a type of business where likes to generate and show content like a blog then all you need is a blog to write your stories and then share them on Facebook or Twitter.

Snapchat and Youtube: If you like to show how is your business inside or show products and of course you are having a sense of humor try using snapchat or Youtube. There is no need to be an extensive video since all you want is to catch they eye of a viewer and get him interested in your business.

   3. Use the same nickname

It is kinda hard to claim the same nickname over all channels. But try not to use a completely different name. If you pick a unique Facebook nickname try to use the same for Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and wherever else you signed up for. If you are using a different name this will only confuse your customers and will not know what they are tagging or if it is the same business. You don’t want to compete with yourself in such case?! In theory, if someone follows you on Twitter or liked your page on Facebook he or she will go and find your Instagram profile too.

   4. Create Content

…Content that your fans will like & share and of course content which is related to your business. If your business is related to tech share tech content. If it is fashion business then, share fashion events and trends. You can’t mix interests although that a customer he might be interested in both. However, you are one type of business and not both!

   5. Engage

Engage not only with your customers but with other businesses as well. Content is now huge on the Internet. It is ok to share something that other businesses shared previously. Sharing is cool! Be active and shear articles, tweets that again is related to your business. You can’t be called tech business and share sports news! Unless it is.. related..? Well, only if you want to sponsor the team?!

    6. Share 

A lot of businesses are sharing content that was written a year ago. Don’t afraid to do it, too. If it is related to today’s news, go and share it again. Last year, -you just started -you may didn’t have too many people on your pages. Go and share and compare traffic and engagement!

  7. Keep going and don’t quit.

In your strategy, you really need to know when and how often you share. If you do not have news to share all the time on and writing on blogs to give up on it, write once per week. Share posts on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin three times per week but tweet more!!


Remember, you just started. Building relationships is what matters at the beginning then you just need to keep your customers happy!