How to Use Instagram for your Business

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How to Use Instagram for your Business

Instagram is a rapidly-growing photo sharing community, which can benefit your business’s exposure. Many businesses are using Instagram as part of their Online Marketing Strategy.

Although, it is really hard to get noticed and get as many followers as you can, key to success, is to share unique content from your business.


Show your product

Share your products that your business is selling. Industries and especially those promoting fashion can be benefited by sharing a collection of their products. Snap photos and tease your followers. Start a conversation with them when you have a new product and engage with your customers by asking something like “Guess what is the new product”. Promote your offers and show products that have value for your business.
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Follow your followers (#f4f)

Follow your followers back. In order to build relationships with people on Instagram don’t hesitate to hit the follow back button. Engage with your users and find relevant hashtags in order to find your audience.

Show your employees

People are often curious to know who is behind the scenes or how does it look like work there. Introduce to your followers the employees of your business and build a trust between you and your follower. They can see that your are human and not a bot! People can see that your employees are friendly and can match your brand’s personality.

Show how it’s made

If you have a business which is selling handcrafted/handmade products, share a photo that shows to your follower how it is made. Your followers love to know the process from planning to delivery.



Find your audience

Connect your Instagram with your other social media accounts. Find new followers by using hashtags relevant to your business and your brand name, also use a hashtag of your city/region if your a local business!


Tip: Stop buying from Stock Images! There are applications such as VSCO Cam which you can snap and edit your image. All you need is a camera and creativity! You can use filters to edit your content and there you go!