7 ways to use Instagram Stories to promote your business

Instagram Stories

Like Snapchat Stories or Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories allows you to post photos and videos in chronological succession to tell a story over 24h. These images are only appearing on your story and not on the regular collection of Instagram posts. After a 24h period anything posted on the story will disappear.

Instagram is a useful tool for small business owners. It’s a free app and is an excellent source to showcase products and make your customers feel comfortable and buy from you as you show “behind the scenes” aspects of your business.

Here are seven ideas for using Instagram Stories to promote your business.

Take your followers behind the scenes

People are very interested to know your employers, who is who and your workplace or how you produce your products (if it’s e.g handmade jewelry company). Make your followers feel like insiders.

Demonstrate your products

If you are going to launch a new product, tease it with your story. Let your biggest followers spread the word on your behalf. Give away one or two things about your new feature.

Start a live story

If you are holding an event or seminar start a live and show what is happening behind the scenes. There’s nothing like giving people a little encourage to sign-up on your next time promoting event. Add the scene of occasion and engage non-attendees as well.

Flash sales and limited offers

Reward your followers by announcing “don’t miss out” offers via your Stories. Encourage your followers to pay attention to the content you publish. Just don’t overdo it!

Q&A and polls

Add Questions or Polls stickers and engage your followers. You can tap the question to create a new story post. The question will be inserted into the story, and you can answer however you like. You’ll know who asked the question, but their username or photo won’t appear in the post.