9 Types of Emails Your Subscribers Actually Want To Receive

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Email marketing is tricky and getting people to subscribe to your list is another thing to discuss! Getting them to stay on your list and interact with your content is a whole challenge!

If you have been already got a lead collection method in place you may be wondering what to send to your email list.

Here are some of the types of emails that you can send to your subscribers and likely they will like rather than sending only monthly newsletters that they will probably never open.

Exclusive Content

Your subscribers will love this content as the content is available on your blog. By not sending them these kind of content why you have them at your list anyway? If you are not providing value to your subscribers then how do you expect them to stay loyal and not going to hit the “Unsubscribe Button”?

Behind the Scenes

It is interesting to see how things work for other people. What they have in place that are different or similar to you.

This will show a side of you that others might not see. Your subscribers will be able to from more of a relationship with you by being able to see you behind the scenes.

Popular Posts

As your blog grows, the amount of older blogs also growing. You have been likely already sent these posts to your list so you can’t resend them without risking annoying many of those already on your list.

Instead, you can send an email that contains links to your most popular blog posts of all time. This allow you to recycle your blogs posts and continue send them to people who did not see them the first time.

Your subscribers will love this as your giving them the opportunity to see some of your older stuff that they probably haven’t seen yet.

Weekly Posts Recap

Some weeks you would probably more than others. So if for example you wrote 3-4 blogs in a week then you will need to send out weekly newsletters and try to pick one to send to the email list.

Recap emails are great as people can catch up with what you have written. You may have subscribers that are busy and do not have the time to sit down and read all of your blogs from that week.

Q&A Series

With such series, ask your list a burning question they have in regards to topic X. Let them know during your next newsletter that you will be answering some of their questions. This will first open up the opportunity to your list to speak directly with you which helps build solid relationships. Secondling you will find out who in your list is struggling with what and how you can really help your content creation strategy e.g. to provide more “How-to use X product”.

This is win to win for everyone. This is because they get the chance to have their burning questions directly answered by a professional of your organizations.

Special Offers

People love special offers and they are solely sign up to newsletters because they want something in return that they wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

One that they will love are flash sales. on your online shop that are only meant for subscribers of your list. Giving special deals means to your subscribers that you value them and appreciate them to have them on your list.

Remember its best to email your newsletters once a week. Any less they may forget you and unsubscribe when you do email them and anymore they will be annoyed (which is something that you don’t want!)