How To Use Facebook Stories For Your Marketing Needs


What is a Facebook Story?

Facebook Stories are a visual content; it can be a picture or a video, whose primary attributes are their brevity and their disappearance from the social network within 24 hours after having been published .It should be noted that the “Story” was a format initially started on Snapchat that gave this social network a big popularity.

Benefits of Facebook Stories

Facebook stories are the ideal medium to show everyday scenes of your business, in a more informal or familiar way than a normal post. This can be very useful to humanize your brand and bring closer to the public, generating identification. Additionally, the stories are the first thing that users of Facebook see when they enter the Social Network since are fixed at the top of the windows of the app. So this is very effective way to spread commercials, promotions, news etc.

Another benefit offered by Facebook stories is the ability to add geotags with specific location of your branch, to promote the location of your business.

Another great advantage is that you can exactly see who has seen your Facebook stories, this allows you to see which users are interested in your brand. So makes it possible to make special promotions and keep in touch with your audience to attract and retain customers.

Essential Tips To Promote Your Business on your Facebook Stories

To get the most out of Facebook Stories for your marketing needs, we suggest you the following tips

Define the type of content you will share

The ideal is that you incorporate Facebook Stories as part of your Social Media Strategy. For this we advice you to define the type of content that you will regularty share in your stories so that they work as reinforcement and complement of your other communication channels.

Hire an influencer

Hiring an influencer to promote your business through their stories may be the perfect solution. Click here to learn more about influencers. 

Take advantages of events

Given the stories allow you to share content in real time, you can use them to link your business to positive events. Such as if your country football team has won an important game, you can upload a story telling of how your staff of your business celebrates the victory.

Follow the annual marketing plan

In link with the previous point we advise you to create stories to link to all the moments of celebration of the Year e.g. Christmas, Mother’s day, Black Friday etc..

Be Creative

Don’t limit yourself! The tools that Facebook puts in your hands to create and edit stories are numnerous, so put them in the service of the spreading of your business proposal.

  1. Share photos of your products with a textual description
  2. Present you business staff with a video
  3. Show your backstage business, as the meeting with distributors, etc.
  4. Announce special offers and discounts for the day or week.


Facebook Stories to promote your business are innumerable, and it is up to you to make the most of them!