Are hashtags still relevant? – The most effective guide for every social media


Are hashtags still relevant?

The answer is yet, they are still important however their relevance tends to differ from every platform.

It seems a little cringe when someone on Instagram puts dozens of hashtags on his posts. Instead of posting nonsense keywords in your posts the idea is to get those in which you can compete mor easily. As in SEO aiming for the top is usually not the wisest decision to achieve success.

Do not use repetitive or banned hashtags

It might seem a good idea to use your hashtags in every post you make, however this is a wrong move. According to Instagram’s community guidelines posting repetitive content or comments is not a good practice as repeating hashtags may get you penalized by the algorithm.

Create a branded hashtag

The best way to use hashtags is to create a brand name that helps differentiate your strategy.  By creating contests with branded hashtags you make your hashtag even more popular.

Hashtags in your stories

Including hashtags in your stories is another great idea to get to a wider audience. To do it you add a sticker and then select the hashtag sticker, as you begin to write many options will show for you to choose from.

Talk about popular events or trending hashtags

Twitter is the best place to comment on events in real-time.

Promote brand campaigns

The same idea as branded hashtags. The point is to create a conversation around a new product or campaign so you can see the buzz around your brand by using hashtags with the name of your product or specific campaign.


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