How to Find the Right Social Influencer for Your Brand?

How to Find the Right Social Influencer for Your Brand?

How to Find the Right Social Influencer for Your Brand?

As more and more customers turn to social media to direct their buying decisions, online content and social conversations have a huge impact on how and what people choose to buy.

Marketers now, have seen a declined effectiveness of mass marketing campaigns as customers are not rely on a traditional marketing campaigns. Many studies show that word of mouth marketing help drives about 20-50 percent of all purchase decisions.

Influencer Marketing captures the benefits of word of mouth marketing and the power of relationships and applied the benefits of this strategy to the digital marketing landscape.

Who is Social Influencer?

An Influencer Marketer is an individual who often knows more about social media and engaging with digital content than brands and agencies. What makes them powerful is the content that they produce which is popular in areas such as food, fitness, fashion and entertainment. If your business is struggling to capture more market share you could missing out on the benefits of social influencer marketing. However, before you choose an influencer marketer to boost your brand’s exposure you need to choose the right influencer.


Before you look at unique visitors and metrics, it’s important to see how he or she is aligned with your messaging. Read through his blog content or look for it’s e.g Instagram account to get an idea for what kind of consumers they attract. Just because he blogs about recipes doesn’t necessarily is a match for a brand who is selling organic food.


The goal of an influencer is to outreach a campaign based on relationships. Hence, the most valuable influencers are highly connected to their audience. Therefore, influencers connected to their audience can be considered more valuable than those who are not engage with their audience.

Metrics that your brand should consider when it comets to partner with a Social Influencer:

  • Likes, Comments and shares on relevant posts
  • Comments and interactions at their blogs
  • Response rates by the influencer after a comment had been left from their audience
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Quality of Content

You have to give up a certain level of control over your message. Meaning, that you need let the influencer creates and promotes high-quality content through their personality to their audience. The key for a successful influence marketing campaign is to let them set it up their own way otherwise the content will not feel authentic.


Before choosing to partner with an influencer you will want to make sure they are professional and of course they are serious about their job. They are a lot of individuals that have a strong presence on social media and followers but they might be lacking in communication with your business needs.

In addition, if you will partner with a social influencer remember that they are not only bloggers. These people have also a good presence across all the social media channels so your message or brand includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest etc.