Can Animated GIFs help your Content Marketing?

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Can Animated GIFs help your Content Marketing?

The Internet is experiencing a popularity with animated GIFs. Standing for Graphics Interchange Format. This file type has been around since 1980s and remained one of the most commonly used image types on the web. However, if you are planning to use them on your Content Marketing Strategy, use them wisely! Reason is, that can be distracting when improperly used. However, it can also be a powerful part of a visual content.

Today GIFs can be found all over the web, from social media to various websites. Google has also integrated the GIF properties into a number of its web properties.

Why GIFs Work

Using visual content is a great way to boost your marketing strategy. Business from wide of range idustries and brand have a created a logo design that incorporates a GIF to enhance user experience and get a better Click-Through-Rate (CTR). This CTR plays vital role when it comes in the user friendliness which is something that Google looks. In addition, the average Internet user doesn’t pause until something catches his or her attention. So GIFs boosts up business visual content in the age of “information overload”.

Where GIFs can be used?

GIFs are all over the Internet -especially in social media. According to stats from Buffer, Tumblr sees 23 million GIF posts every day and Facebook Messenger users send animated GIFs back and forth 5 million times a day. So, that means, that people share these files with great enjoyment!

How your brand can take the advantage of GIFs?

Storytelling: Blog posts often feauture visual content as part of their storytelling strategy and animated GIFs are excellent medium for taking the story to the next level.

Call To Action CTA: The purpose of CTA is to draw a viewer’s eye. Highlighting what you want them to do, whether it’s to sign up for a newsletter, learn more about a product or fill out a form. Since, GIFs naturally attract users making them a right spot on for a strong call to action.

Email Marketing: Gifs can also be used in emails. For instance, you may create DIY instructions and highlight company culture.

However, as previously mentioned, you need to use them wisely. There’s is a downside for your website since GIFs are considered dynamic content and having too many of them can slow your web page speed. A speed for a web page is a key and you don’t want to ultimately rank lower. In addition, is not only about the ranking but also for visitors. Visitors most probably will abandon the site before it has even finished load.

While GIFs have the potential to increase engagement and bring in more in views and expand your reach, there needs to be a careful balance of how many you make available. When its proper used you can effectively leverage GIF into your marketing strategy.