What Your Visual Branding Needs to Say About Your Brand

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When you first think about visual branding, the first thing that comes to your brain is logo, fonts, the colors the overall feel and style. However, the first thing you need to think is what you want to communicate and what it want it to say.

What Your Visual Branding Needs to Say About Your Brand

#1 Your Message and Mission

It is important that your graphics and branding are rooted in the mission and message of your business. So take time to figure out and get clear on what those look like for your business. Your mission should be about what your business strives to do. Think about what products and services you offer and who you offer them. Then you should consider your why. Why do you do what you do for that particular audience? What problems are you trying to solve for them and how does impact their life? By getting clear on both message and mission of your brand you can express this in your branding. It can be as simple as using colors that evoke the right emotional response or graphics which are connected to your brand’s message.

#2 Your Business Values

Your business values are giving your business a guide for how you operate and behave and what is important and of priority for you. Having business values does not need to be something you keep to yourself. It becomes part of your branding. If your business values friendliness then your branding should feel friendly. If your business values environment then you need to have an eco feeling brand

#3 What you Sell, Offer and Do

If you do not clearly communicate what your business actually does then you simply leave people confused and you will lose them. Your brand needs to clearly communicate what you do without any mixed signals or confusion. If you e.g sell candles make it clear that you are the candle shop. If you are only concentrate on all other elements of your brand identity and fail to communicate what your business does then people will not know what is your point of your business. Design is about clear communication and it helps to get the message across fast and with emotion.

#4 What Action You want to Inspire

Additionally, other than people buying your stuff, what action do you want to inspire in your audience? Do you want them to pursue their goals or learn a new skill? If you want them to take that action you can better convince them that your product or service will help them to.  If you can communicate that better self in your branding it will make them feel comfortable and buy from you.

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