How to Improve Your Brand’s Communication Strategy

brand's communication

As Marketers, we strive to communicate with customers in the ways that they prefer. In fact, Marketing is becoming increasingly consumer-driven. For instance, with the rise of social media marketing, brands can communicate directly with their customers to develop products that sell and consumers essentially become product “co-creators”. The big questions, is “how does a company can improve the way the brand communicates with consumers?”

Here are few tips on how to help you improve your brand’s communication strategy.

Be Authentic

People don’t want brands talking at them as if they’re dollar signs – they want authentic communication. Maintain an authentic tone when posting and interacting with consumers – one that doesn’t seem forced. Always speak like a human being. Communicate directly with fans and followers and be flexible. Don’t just track and analyse. It is good practice to plan and perfect your brand voice.

Have a Conversation

Remember that voice and tone matter; they humanize your brand and let you take part in conversations naturally. Take the time to have a real-time dialogue and increasingly niche markets. Define and uphold a strong social media marketing voice and others will start doing marketing for you.

Create Buyer Personas

Creating buyer personas, or fictional, generalized characters that build a picture of your ideal and largest markets, helps you research and start conduction interviews and surveys. Then you can organize and format your persona research, finalize buyer personas and lastly use your buyer personas for segmentation, content mapping and lead nurturing. When you truly know your ideal customer, you will create more compelling content that they will respond positively to.

Show Your Personality

Delighted customers talk positively about your brand, essentially driving new content creation. This content then reaches other customers and prospects, delivering your message naturally. Put a face that your brand is professional, but also fun and relatable. People often prefer a connection over information.

Leverage Consumer-Generated Content

Make sure your posts aren’t all just about your company or industry – although those are important, too. When you venture outside of your usual topics once in a while, it makes people feel comfortable being themselves because you’re being yourself, too. Share great posts by other industry leaders and touch upon relevant news. It’s always a good idea to keep content interesting so as not to lose people’s interest. Keep your audience coming back for more.