These Branding Mistakes Could Be Costing You Money

Branding mistakes

Brand is the soul of your business. It encapsulates everything you want to communicate to your customers. The hard part is to evolve your customers over time so they also branding you.

Here are some of the mistakes to avoid

Not getting the logo right

A logo says a lot about your brand but if you don’t get it right it can be too complicated to change down the road. This is especially true when you don’t have the presence or stickiness to do so without worrying that you will lose valuable ground

Missing Out On the Value Proposition

People tend to bouncing from your site before you even know it. Your tagline, mission statement or even headline on your homepage is not effectively communicating to your audience will not make your brand special.

Not adhering to brand guidelines

Nothing says forgettable like business that doesn’t have its identity buttoned up. Brand guidelines serve to demonstrate what you represent and what differentiates you from your competitors. Logo, colors, visuals and imagery are some of the brand guidelines .

Jumping on trends

We are living in an era of constant consumption where news, fast fashion and social media updates grab out attention. That means something is always trending, be it a hashtag, story, item of clothing, song and the list goes on.

Forgetting what makes your brand distinct

Sometimes your customer demographic change and that’s okay as long as your branding reflects this new subset of customers and you connect with them appropriately, including any remaining outliers.

Thinking locally instead of Globally

Even if your a business rooted in the local community, the world as we know it is becoming more and more diverse. The last thing you want your brand to be associated with is ignorance or ethnocentricity.

The best way to welcome customers from a myriad of backgrounds is to:

  • Use language that everyone understands
  • Invest in reputable translation services
  • Practice cultural sensitivity
  • Respect feedback from all

Valuing consistency over character

Your brand should communicate a consistent message to reinforce your value proposition, mission, products and services. However, each channel or platform represents a chance to create a different view or persona of your brand. As long as the brand knows what it stands for, consistency can take a back seat.

Neglecting public perception

The public’s perception of your brand might not be the rosiest, but instead of chalking it up to bad luck or pointing fingers, it’s time to get serious about turning that frown upside down.


No brand is built overnight but you can start laying the groundwork for what you want your brand to represent in all of the most crucial, self-defining aspects of a business right now.