Why you need to market to existing clients


Do you ever wonder why you need to market to existing clients?

Marketing is something every business needs to do, if they want to grow and you might wonder why you need to market to existing clients. For many business owners, their marketing focus tends to be always on getting new clients – and this means they’re missing out on easier and simpler opportunities.

Clients aren’t a one-time done scenario

Once you have a client, that shouldn’t be your target goal. However, you should start build on a mutually relationship, client needs change over time. Businesses grow and they expand their products, services and even the job roles can change, their needs and requirements. They may need to extend their hours with you, as well as what you currently do for them. The point is once you have you client, try to keep him, it is not a one-time done scenario. You need to be regularly reviewing and checking to see if there’s anything you can do to help them more.

Marketing to existing clients is more cost and time effective for you

Marketing to existing customers is a more cost and time effective solution to your marketing efforts too. You save time initially, as you don’t need to build a rapport or educate them on what you offer, it also costs less to time and effort to actually get them on the phone and having a conversation with you! When you’re looking to attract new clients, you may need to place and pay for advertising, to attract your ideal clients, spend time educating them on what you offer and how you work with clients, then you need to convince them to book a call with you – things you don’t have to do, with existing and past clients.

Business growth is about who you know

We all prefer to do business with those people we know, like and trust. Once we have these things in place, we’re often more than happy to share our experiences and recommendations with others. As a business owner, we need recommendations and testimonials to help showcase what we can do to new clients – and it’s our existing and past customers that can provide them for us. These clients can become our biggest source of referrals.