6 Types of Blog Articles That Every Blogger Should Know

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6 Types of Blog Articles That Every Blogger Should Know

A blog post in an article that includes text, images, videos or infographics. Blogs can be used for a personal use or for businesses. Blog posts help you get a high rank in the Google Search Results and to increase your brand visibility. In addition, blogging is a great tool for businesses that would like to attract new customers. In addition, blog articles can increase your website traffic as the more people search regarding their questions there more easy they will find you, if you provide an answer to them.

Having said that, there are many types of blogs that one can post according to his/her goals. Let us look the different types of blogs.

Blog Articles That Every Blogger Should Know

Questions Answering

In this type of blog is quite easy to post. This is because you are going to answer questions that your audience is asking. This type of blog is easy and always on point without struggling of finding ideas of what to write.

Community Blogs

This can be an article about an employee that’s done an incredible job, or if you are supporting a non-profit organization you can write a post about it or any events that your company is attending. These kind of blogs are great for engagement as it gives also the human side of your company.

How-To Blogs

The how-to blog post is similar to the question-answering articles. However, you make it more clear in your title. This is a step-by-step explanation of how to perform a task. When writing this type of blog, make every step clear. This gives clear answers to questions of your audience and also gives the sense that you are listening to your audience and responding back to them.


Lists is the most read blog format. The points are numbered and they are easy to read.

Industry News

If you have a new product to release, or if a company bought another, such news are a good opportunity for writing an article about. The key is to write something while it happened a not delaying for the next month!


This is the perfect way to keep your readers interested in your article and spend more time in your website. In addition, it depends who you are interviewing and you may be able to market this on your social media accounts, which in turn you will gain more followers.


Blogs are easy to create. You can mix all of the above listed types as well as there are so many other types to discover. By reading this, it should be easy to create your blog and start your journey into content writing.

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