How To Build Digital PR Strategy

digital pr

Years ago, there was no such thing as traditional PR or Digital PR Agency, it was simply PR agency.

The main focus want on offline earned media and now the landscape is completely different and we are seeing traditional agencies to upskill themselves to become digital savvy. As the world moves away from traditional PR practices and pushes forward with digital anyone who wants to create an effective digital PR strategy must combine together components of planning, execution and research with typical PR and SEO processes.

In order to build an effective digital PR strategy look to the following tips that we are sharing with you.

What are your goals?

It may sound obvious, however you can’t build strategy without knowing what you are trying to achieve. It might be the case, that your goals are to increase brand awareness, improve SEO and increase lead generation.

There are many ways to measure increased brand awareness, such as increasing traffic to  your website. Set a percentage increase you would like to have achieved by a certain point and use Google Analytics to track this.

Another way to build your PR strategy is to pay attention to your social media accounts. The more aware people are of your brand the more likely to be talking to you about you and engaging with you on social media. Measure increases in how many times your brand name is mentioned on social media channels and analyse metrics such as reach, engagement, followers and impressions.

Understand your audience

Do you know where your audience are getting their information online? If you are B2B business, is it from online trade press? If you are B2C business, are they are more interested in less traditional media.

Understand your target media

Now you hopefully know your target audience inside out, you’ll need to create a target media list. This could range from online publications to bloggers, YouTubers and Instagrammers. Whatever type of digital media you’re targeting, consider who you need to get in touch with. If you’re targeting an online magazine, for example is there an editor or writer who specialises in your particular topic or sector?

Get your pitch right

An effective digital PR strategy should be proactive and reactive. Build an editorial calendar consisting of topics that your audience are interested in and use the topics to proactively pitch to your target media.

Test and measure

It’s crucial that you constantly evaluate your strategy against your objectives and adjust where necessary. Reflect on the results and get your team together to brainstorm what you’re going to do next.