5 Ways to Market Your Business on a Small Budget

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As a small business owner, promoting and marketing your shop is either one of your favorite tasks or one you absolutely dread. It can feel consuming, costly, unproductive and leave feeling a bit icky if you are uncomfortable promoting and talking about yourself and your business.

But, today, we are going to talk about how to market your retail business on a small budget and get you started.

5 Ways to Market Your Business on a Small Budget

Create short product videos

Provide styling tips or how-to’s for your most popular items or favorites if you’re just starting out. Upload to YouTube and on your site. Share on social media and Pinterest and be sure to include relevant keywords in the title, descriptions and available tags.

Host an in-person or online workshop

Take product videos a step further by engaging your customers and asking them to follow and taking notes or actively participating. Share the workshop goals ahead of time so they can prep or pick up needed supplies.

Create helpful guides that address common issues your customers may face

By creating valuable content that solves their needs, rather than hard pitching a product. You could put all the “commonly asked questions” and highlight it on your Instagram stories or by creating an info graphic, or even create a short video. People tend to learn more easily by seeing images and visuals so that understand better about the product.

 Network with bloggers and pitch them a promotional idea

  • Host a Product Giveaway – you’ll provide the product and they promote on their blog and social media networks
  • Interview Opportunities – research bloggers or media outlets that fit your brand or story
  • Product Review – you’d send them free product to review and share with their audience (may also be paid advertising depending on their following and individual goals)

 Send handwritten thank you’s to returning or first time customers

Thank them for supporting your business and show your appreciation by throwing in a small thank-you freebie, small gift card to a coffee shop or discount for a future purchase. One personal note – I love love the idea of giving a small something that doesn’t relate or pimp your own business.