How to Use the Rule of Thirds When It Comes to Social Media

Social Media Marketing

What is the rule of thirds when it comes to social media?

The rule of thirds tells you exactly what to share and how often. It takes the guesswork out of posting and engages your audience. It’s a guideline, not a formula. It’s important to balance your social media posts so they don’t solely focus on you. Posts can be divided into three groups.

Promote your business

The majority of marketers excel at this. You are in business, after all, to increase sales and profit.

Sharing a recent blog entry, promoting an impending sale, or inviting folks to a webinar are all examples of promotion.  The issue is that if you do it too frequently, your audience will become irritated and bored. Changing things up will keep them interested and happy.

Content Curation

Sharing insightful information from experts in your profession will boost your self-confidence and show your audience that you are involved in your field.

Providing links to other people’s blog articles, sharing a quote or advice from influencers, are all examples of sharing.


This is the stage where you create your community. It is built on interpersonal relationships and humanizes your brand. Engagement entails commenting on and enjoying your followers’ posts as well as responding to their queries and inquiries


This is where you show them your understanding of the conversational aspect of social media. It proves you are listening to them and value them.

The rule of thirds is a simple concept that works. It takes the guess work out of social media and helps you to grow your followers and build a diverse community.

Don’t worry about perfection but be patient. With time you will discover the balance that works for you


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