Benefits of Working With a Google Partner

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Paprika Media has been a reliable Google Partner providing its services for leading brands and organisations. Our partner badge is in the footer of every page on our site and it is linked directly to our Partner page.

What does it mean to be a Google Partner?

Google Partners have proven their knowledge in all things Adwords and can successfully manage PPC Campaigns. Also, they must meet Google’s standards with proven results for their clients and manage an ad spend of at least $10K each 90 days. In this case, it indicates that they keep satisfying Adwords customers who are seeing a good return.

Bellow there are some benefits of working with Google Partner such as Paprika Media.

  1. Certified Account Managers
    Any company that has a Google Partner badge, must have Google Adwords certified employees that are managing their customers’ accounts. Google ensures that these certifications are current and the company meets Google standards for customer’s best practices.
  2.  Expertise on Adwords Features
    Google Partners must know all the Adwords features and use them in a way that is profitable for the client. In order to become a Google Partner you are required to master the use of negative keywords, site links inside of ads, ad extensions, phrase match keywords, ad scheduling. All these features, are some of Google’s suggestions while you are on the process to be a partner.
  3.  No Waiting in Line
    Google partners with a large ad spend have their own Google Reps that they can contact any time a customer has an issue without waiting in line. So, if there is a problem with the account, a Google rep can often dress issues immediately, rather than having a support ticket and wait in line until it is resolved.
  4.  High Quality Maintenance
    Google reviews Partner’s agency’s account to ensure high quality scores are being achieved in each campaign for each client. If a company is not able to maintain high standards Google may remove their Partner badge. Therefore, by working with a current Google Partner you can rely that you are getting a high standard of service from your agency.

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