5 Tips for Email Marketing Campaigns

email marketing

Why Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is an essential element for your Digital Marketing Strategy. It is one easy and inexpensive way to reach your customers any time. However, it is required big responsibility as people they do not really give away their email addresses and you need to pay attention to your audience with the right email marketing campaign. Keep in mind you want leads from your customers and not people to hit the delete button. If you are thinking to start email campaigns then find bellow our tips to start with…

  • Subscribes.

Make it easy for your visitors to signup. A form on your website, or blog will do the magic to start getting your fans onto your business and buy from you.

Tip: Collect names and birthdays. Personalise an email and offer a special gift or promotion! They will definitely, get right back to you!

  • Welcome Emails.

There is no doubt that is always a good idea to send a welcome email to your new subscribers. In this way, you start building a loyalty between your client and your business.

Tip: You can offer a discount or any other special offer to them.

  •  Design email templates.

Of course, you don’t want to send a plain boring email. Your email campaigns should match your brand in terms of design. Customise your template in order your readers to feel familiar with your business.

Tip: Use logo and colors of your brand!

  •  Send group emails.

Huh? Of course, you will hit the send button to all your subscribers! But.. NO! Meaning, segment your subscribers into groups. The fact that someone subscribes to your newsletter doesn’t mean he is a returning visitor. Right? Right..! So, in order to get these kind of people back create a group of people that they haven’t visited your site for e.g. more than 30 days. Or you can group people who engage with your site and for them you can promote offers; build loyalty and express, your “online” appreciation to them!

Tip: The are software applications that they can segment your subscribers based on their city, last seen activity etc.

  •  Test, test, test!

Set up your own email accounts. Send email to these accounts or even to your colleagues. Did they like it? This stage, is crucial as you will fix any mistakes or designs that you may not see. Users tend to open their emails while using their phones. Make sure, your emails are responsive for phone devices and also for big screens. Set up two different versions of your email and test your subscribers; which one converts and which one doesn’t. In this way you will finalise your email template and see more leads and engagement with your business.

Tip: Try to test different subject lines.