Christmas Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing christmas

It’s that time of the year again, when probably you need to spice up your digital marketing strategy in order to drive more sales. The holiday season requires a special approach, especially if you are an e-Commerce bus sines. You need to think that you have to use new banners and ads to get most out of your holiday digital campaigns.

Send Marketing Campaign E-mails

Emails are a great way to stay top mind with your customers. Promote your latest sales and special offers and drive traffic to your website but first consider that you are not the only one who will undertake a Christmas email marketing campaign. Remember, that effective targeting could give a real advantage to your business. Personalize the email by mentioning each of your customers with their names or even reference their purchase history.

Hint: Before you send out your email marketing campaign make sure your emails are mobile friendly. Emails that, can be viewed correctly on devices are more likely to drive traffic and raise brand awareness to your customers.

Run Giveaways

Holiday season is a great time to reward your fans and followers with special promotions or discounts. This can increase your brand awareness through the year as many of your fans will usually share special promotions. Social media is an important tool for your company branding. Pick something that will attract your follower and convert him into a loyal customer.

Hint: You need to make sure that you are ready to deal with questions, complaints and reviews posted on your pages.


re-Market your Visitors.

Re-marketing is your second chance to convert your visitors to customers. You can target your visitors by placing ads on media platforms or other sites of their interest.

Hint: Create special offers and encourage them to return to your site.