Media Strategy: What is it and how do you create one?

media strategy

What is a Media Strategy?

A media strategy is a plan of action that helps businesses reach their target audience and improve their overall conversion rate by reaching the right audience. It’s important when trying to find the right audience, to know about the exact demographic in order to get their attention in the most effective way.

What are the key components when creating your Media Strategy?

  • Identify Target Market
    The demographics of your target audience should be taken into consideration. The more you know about your marketing strategy the more effective your overall marketing strategy will be. You will need to identify your marketing, where, how they spend their time and how the audience can most effectively be reached. Example: Marketing through mobile apps and social media would be more effective for reaching teenagers than traditional media would be.
  • Measurable Objectives
    During your strategy process, it’s important to identify objectives and goals. These should be measurable and specific if a goal is “make more money” although they can be measured there is no any specific tactic involved. But “Increase profit by 20% by Q3” is a more specific and realistic goal. It can be seen that, introduces a time aspect that creates the ability to measure and draft a timeline to work on.
  • Marketing Budget
    In every media strategy, one must also consider a marketing budget. Without a budget, it possible to waste thousands for dollars without realizing. Having a set of a budget encourages you to think each tactic by protecting you from spending money that you do not have.
  • Learn from your Results
    The most effective media strategies are those that evolve over time. If a company launched a strategy that didn’t bring the expected results, the company must learn and be in the position to know what went wrong in order not to apply the same strategies but implement something new or improve the current ones.

    How to Create a Media Strategy?

  • Who’s your target audience? The first thing you should identify, is WHO are you trying to reach with your message? This the most important to the success of any media strategy. In this step, is where you identify where the message of your company will hit the target audience.
  • What’s the goal? What is your goal? Be specific and use this when it comes to measuring the success of your media strategy.
  • What’s the proposition? Identify your theme. What’s the problem you will try to solve and how do you go about it?
  • Set your objectives. Use the SMART method when setting objectives
  • Research. If you struggle with any of the above, spend time doing your research with your goals and objectives in mind.
  • Create a profile. What needs to be communicated? What’s the message that will grab attention?
  • Draft the message. Based on the information above, you are ready to draft your message. Use different messages but keep in mind that all must have the same objective. TIP: Don’t forget your call-to-action.