Google adds Badges and Labels to Search Results

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Make Your Images Stand Out in Google Search With New Badges

Google has rolled out a new feature on its Image Search page that adds badges and labels to search results for better discovery. Images will begin displaying icons in the bottom-left corner representing linked videos, shopping results, GIFs and more. With this new update will not only help draw more attention to images but they will assist searchers in finding what they’re really looking for. Additionally, images tagged with a video badge provide a direct link to YouTube, and the label next to the badge even displays the video’s duration right from the search results.

In ordgoogle badgeer to ensure relevant badges appear on images, site owners will need to make use of structured data markup. Google will automatically detect GIFs and assign the appropriate badge. Some image types that may be useful for you are the following: recipe markupproduct markup, and video markup. As always, you can check if the structured data has been implemented correctly using the Structured Data Testing Tool. However, company said that even if a markup has been implemented, doesn’t mean that badges will appear on your images but will increase the chances.


Badges will appear in Image Search on mobile devices. There is no support for badges in desktop search.