Marketing Tips a Business Owner Should Be Doing

marketing ideas for the real estate industry in 2017

Marketing is one big experiment. What may have been working yesterday doesn’t always work today. The key is to test, test and test and then analyze. If you are not tracking your results, you have a major disconnect happening.

Today, will share some ideas to jump start your marketing efforts. Some of these will work and some of these will rock your business Come back, to make sure you are always on top if something is not working for you at the moment.

Marketing Tips You Should Be Doing NOW!

Engage with your customers and potential customers on social media

This seems to be repeated every now and then. However, it is something that many business owners still miss. Engaging is more than just hitting the like button on someone’s comment on your post. Engaging is commenting back, liking their posts, commenting on their posts and being interested in them. Treat those strangers online just like you would someone who walks in your shop.

Create a month’s worth of social media content

It may sound overwhelming. Start a week at a time, with the goal to build this out. By creating content ahead of time you will always stay ahead of the game and keep your head above water.  It is much more easier and takes less time.

Tag vendors and build relationships

Keep relationships going, either online and offline. When you show your vendor love online, they will also likely do the same. Always flourish all of your business relationships.

Use a video to create content

Never skip videos. It is always important to use videos for content rather than a plain image or text. Find some interesting tips for video creation: Five Tips for creating effective Video Marketing.

Use Instagram and Facebook Stories

Reach new audiences and engage with your current customers. They are easy and fun. Use stories on Facebook and Instagram. Add stickers, polls, questions and more. This will get those people in your inbox and interacting with your personally.


Share your expertise! Engage your followers. Get to know the people that buy from you. This adds a big trust factor and is a huge plus for repeat customers.

Re-purpose all your social media posts

Revise your posts and images. On Facebook or Instagram. Your new followers may haven’t seen what your previous content, so by re-purposing the content means more views and sales for you.

Network in Facebook or LinkedIn

Do not spam but be helpful and supportive and serve the people of the group. Share your expertise, cheer people and be friendly. People will check your profile and should be linked to your business.

Create a blog

Take advantage of all of your social media Create and share so to drive traffic back to your site. Maximize your SEO and build on your keywords.

Add reviews to your website

Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase how real people love your items.

Don’t Forget product photos

Spend time nurturing those customers relationships with your products. If you have a boutique seeing real women showcase the clothes makes big difference in customer’s decision making.

Offer special promotions for followers or email subscribes only

You should always value your email subscribers and your followers. Offer special promotions, discounts and gifts to show your love. Give them value and always remember repeat customers make the best customers.

Collect email addresses to build your audience

Even if you do not have an email system to collect email addresses yet, ask for their email. Therefore, when you are ready to launch your emails, you will have a list on side.

Find media opportunities to make your brand know

Introduce yourself to your local news stations and lifestyle newspaper reporters. Also reach out influencers.