How to Utilize LinkedIn for Your Small Business


LinkedIn is a great place for corporate business owners and employees to network online. It is now popular among small business and entrepreneurs. Which is why it is important to understand how to utilize LinkedIn for your small business.

Here are 7 LinkedIn strategies that will help you to make sure that are leveraging LinkedIn to its fullest potential.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

The most important thing to start with on LinkedIn is to start with a strong foundation. To do this you want to make sure that your profile is completely optimized for your market and attract your target audience.

Note the following:

  1. Engaging Headline: Be sure that your headline is compelling enough to entice the viewer. In this way they will make him click through to your profile Try to write the solution you offer in your headline and not just add your services.
  2. Professional Photo: When uploading your profile picture make sure that your photo is a head shot that looks professional. It doesn’t have to be suit and tie but you do wanting to be high-quality and without a lot of background noise.
  3. Complete Contact Information: Many people miss this step, but completing your information not only looks professional, it also makes it easier for people to get in touch with you. Do not forget to add your social media, website, phone numbers and city.
  4. Skills & Relevant Jobs: This is where you can play the game. Even if you don’t think that previous skills and jobs are relevant to what you are currently doing, they are! Create a story out of it.

Connect with the Right People

A big mistake is to connect with people who are not relevant to your industry. We recommend you to connect with few others in your niche.

Engage with Relevant people

Don’t forget that even if you don’t actually connect with someone on LinkedIn you can still follow them and engage with their content. You also want to be engaging with those you are connected with.

Write Compelling Articles

Share your expertise and knowledge of your industry by writing compelling articles. Articles are a great way to set yourself as an expert. You can also share these posts on other social media sites so to draw more traffic back to your LinkedIn.

Create LinkedIn videos

It is common now that videos are ruling social media platforms. But did you know that they have a high reach on LinkedIn?

Create a recorded video of 1-10 min. LinkedIn videos cannot go over 10 mins or download a Facebook live that you have done which is under 10 min and upload it on LinkedIn.

Share your Blogs Posts

Whenever you write a blog post on your website, share it on LinkedIn. This will help you build your expertise and will also bring more traffic to your website.

Be Consistent

We always mention consistency. However, consistency is key to success on any platform. You can’t just show up once or twice a week and share a post and then abandon. You must be engaging with your audience, posting thought pieces and establishing yourself as the go-to person in your industry.