How to Launch an Expert Social-Media Marketing Campaign


How to Launch an Expert Social-Media Marketing Campaign

Social media provides new brands (and old ones) an incredible opportunity to launch a new product o a highly targeted, engaged, wallet-out audience. You have access to consumers that are based all over the world along with the ability to target them based on very specific preferences.

Brands today have such a massive advantage over brands than what it was 10 years a go. However, you cannot just start with a post and expecting that sales will be increased as the competition is high.

It takes a lot of preparation and planning along with a great product or service to have a successful launch on social media. Below there are seven steps that required when launching a new brand on social media, regardless the niche.

#1. Establish a set of goals

You need to identify your KPIs and goals before anything else. What is going to make your particular launch successful? What is your “why'”? This will be a different for every brands. It might be based on sales, email-list growth or just a general buzz that translates into long-term brands awareness.

If it’s sales and revenue based be specific. How many sales? How much revenue? You need to have all of this figured out ahead of time. Determine how much money your are going to invest in the launch and be sure that whatever your goals are, you break even at the very last.

#2. Develop at timeline

When you have your launch date set you will need to back up and map out the timeline from the current date to the launch date. Then, break that window of time into blocks. Every step of creating a lunch will require time. If you feel that your timeline is too tight, push it back.

#3. Choose wisely the social-media platforms

This is where your strategy starts to play out. What social-platforms are you going to want to focus on to reach your target audience? Focus on the two to three best platforms for your launch. This allows you to put more effort into each one, which will greatly impact the return on investment. Pick the social-media platforms that best match your brands and its target audience.

#4. Map out an influence-marketing strategy

Align with the right influencers to help give your launch a boost. Try to work out deal with influencers who have engaged audiences that match your target market.

#5. Design launch-campaign assets

You are going to need a wide variety of content assets and formats. On launch day, you will need to have several campaigns and be ready to monitor and optimize in real time.

If one format of an asset is performing better you need to adjust. Will a meme outperform a GIF? What about a video? You need to collect variety of as much data as possible. Some examples of campaigns assets include lifestyle images, videos both short and long, GIFs and memes.

#6.  Schedule your social-media content

Once you identified your social media platforms and all of your content assets, you now have to schedule it. You have your official launch date, but don’t forget the days leading up to it. You have your official launch date, but don’t forget the days leading up to it. This is a perfect time to build anticipation with teaser content.

#7. Launch your campaign

If you planned for enough time to get everything mapped out and situate you will be ready to go on launch day. Be sure to have extra hands on deck to handle customer service issues. Be sure to have extra hands on deck to handle customer service issues. Be prepared for the unexpected and ready to make adjustments as you go.