How to Rock Your Social Media Strategies

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If you are a business owner/blogger/entrepreneur then social media probably plays a BIG role in your everyday life. In this post we are going to share all of our tips for each social media platform and give you ideas on how to grow engaged social accounts. In the end is not only the numbers of followers and likes that matter as much as also the engagement.

You will most probably know that requires a lot work to build your social media platforms but it can also be fun. If you are stressed out focus on one thing at a time.


One of the most powerful features of social media advertising is the ability to target your message. Don’t be afraid that you are interrupting someone who is not relevant to your or your message. Your are responding to something they are looking for based on their posted content and online actions.

To successful target your potential clients, you really need to know who is you ideal client? What do they do during the day? What are their habits and activities? Where do they live? And, the most important is what problems can you solve for them?

The answers to these questions will help you compose the ad and start your paid advertising program that will get you the best results for your investment.

You can target based on location, age, gender or interests.

Social media has data on all of us. We’re being targeted and traced every single moment we are online. Love it or hate it, we might as well use it to our advantage.


Before launching your social media advertising campaigns, you have to understand the process your ideal customer goes through in relation to what you are offering. The steps someone takes when buying a car are different than the process for someone who is buying clothes.

Your ideal customer goes through a process when considering and then purchasing the goods or services you are offering. What is the process and does it even include social media at all? Break it into stages (awareness, consideration, decision) so you can develop a message that aligns with their questions and concerns throughout the buying process.

Once you understand your ideal customer and how they size up your offer, you can create a strategy to reach them. After that, it becomes a matter of implementing that strategy and measuring the success with metrics that are unique for each social media advertising.


There are some steps that you need to ask when trying to accomplish your objective. Are you trying to gain new customer, extend your reach, improve branding, generate more engagement, acquire email addresses?

Then you need to ask what are the actual outcomes you are trying to achieve? How will you measure the results? What does success look like?

Another thing to consider is the time frame of your advertising. Social media ads require time to adapt on the platform so that e.g Facebook/Instagram algorithms can learn how to best serve you the clients you are asking.



The purpose of the ad is to take the person from the platform they are on and and put them somewhere you want them to be, whether it be a phone call, a message, or to your website, so yu need to have an offer that inspires or entices them to do that. They can generate traffic, leads, messages, engagement, likes, shares or comments.



Your objective is to make people stop what they are doing when they are scrolling through their newsfeed and read your ad. Be clear about what you want people to do. Understand most people are going to be viewing your ad o mobile device, so if you have something to say try to say it in the first three lines. Give people a directive. If something is unclear or lacking n a call to action, people will get annoyed and move on.