4 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Fake Followers

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In Marketing, it’s all about numbers! Or is not? The reality is that, you can buy more than 10k fake followers at a low price but is that want you really want? Success is not having 10k that will not invest in your company but have 100 followers that can be converted into sales.

We are always talking about the Digital Marketing Planning your business must have. By thinking to buy fake followers, can ruin all your marketing efforts and here’s why:

1. Your customers are at risk

Many fake profiles can be malicious and often engaging in scam. These profiles they just want to gain people’s passwords and other important information. In other words to hack their media accounts. If you really want to keep a high profile for your business don’t put your customer’s at risk.

2. Think of your Reputation

Your “actual” followers are smarter than you think. People can be suspicious about having 100k followers and 0 likes in a post. They can easily spot that most of your followers are just fake accounts. Of course, you don’t want to give a negative impression and make your business untrustworthy.

3. Think your ROI

You may think that having many followers will boost your social media presence. However, is better to invest and spend your money in practices that provide ROI. Digital Marketing agencies can immediately identify and boost your online presence. What’s more they know in advance what content people like to see and engaged with. You can have a look at our article 5 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency.

4. Your account will be banned or deleted

Twitter’s terms of service say that following large amount of people can result to suspend your account. Therefore, if your account is following at once 5K fake accounts, then is breaking Twitter’s following rules and accounts can be suspended.


If you really, want people invest in your company and engage with your customers think alternative ways to spend your money such as PPC advertising. Take time to build relationships with your followers rather than buying a follower which will probably never engage neither buy from your services.