Strategic Marketing Plan for Small Business

Marketing Strategy 1


Paprika ads have been always contacted with inquiries from a range of different companies requiring support with their marketing strategy and marketing planning. Our team found a process which makes it easier for our clients to gain a full understanding of the different aspects of marketing services that are available to them. Having this in mind, we are able to work with our clients to identify marketing areas that would best suit their products/services.


Marketing is a way for companies to communicate their products, services or brands to customers to encourage promotion or sales.



Firstly, to start the marketing process and create a good marketing strategy, you need to identify the target audience. We are analyzing our clients’ market and gain a deep understanding of their customer’s behavior. Once we have this information we then start working with the clients and assess their marketing strategy.

It can seem quite confusing since there are hundreds of different types of marketing to choose from. Some are based on traditional marketign with targeting the audience through billboards or radio advertising or using the modern form which is the Online Marketing. Paprika ads is specialised in Digital Marketing. This enables us to support our clients with  with marketing services and plans such as SEO, Social Media Management, PPC Advertising ( Search & Display), Web Development etc. At Paprika ads we can focus on a specific product or services or look the company as a whole in order to create a full marketing strategy to fit your needs and budget.



The content of a marketing strategy focuses on the total marketing environment and its impacts on a company, product or service. It gains an in depth understanding of what other competition there is and also the target audience. It’s important to have one of these in place in order to build a long term marketing campaign before considering anything else.

Additionally, marketing strategy differs from a marketing tactic. In the former, we will look at long term marketing where as with the latter we will just focus on short term. For instance, sending out an e-shot would be tactical, but changing the pricing, or promotional elements would be considered a strategic change.



If you need any further information or would like to speak to us regarding your marketing strategy or any marketing needs…get in touch!