Do you even blog?!


Blogging started as a sort of public journal and when it started was called “personal home page”. It was simply a way for people to get their personal thoughts and feelings in front of an audience. However, through, the years this has transformed quite a bit and is now often treated as more of a business tool than a journaling platform. Today many companies maintain a blog and making regular posts in order to attract their audience through their content and encourage them to do business with the company behind the words.

If you are considering starting a blog, then the very first question should ask yourself is “Why?”. If you will have a blog just as meant to be meaning, as a personal journal then make sure to write about what, when and how you want opinions. BUT, if you are planning to write a blog because you were told that this will help you with your SEO, be sure that you know and understand how this way encouraging your organic website traffic.

Local Topics

If you are operating a local business, then make sure your posts and the keywords you are using through your posts are locally-minded. Meaning, that you are using city names and related keywords in your posts. Of course, do not overload your articles with these words and phrases but just keep in mind to use them in natural ways to avoid turning search engines and customers away.

Blog Regularly

Search engines are looking for up to date information. If your blog is not current then search engines will not show any love! It’s good to start every week with brainstorm session or give a theme to your week or month. Create a list of ten possible blog titles. You will probably not write ten blog entries but at least you will have some inspiration when you feel you are out of ideas.

Publish with Schedule

If you are going to write ten blog posts on Monday and nothing more for the rest of the week or write one post every other day, make sure your content is regularly posted and schedule your posts so you can upload content at the right time and not when you feel like it. It’s good to set a schedule and make them available to the public twice or three times per week depends on the content strategy you are using.

Reward your blog fans

Keep your visitors coming should be the goal of your blogging efforts. Repeat visitors are more likely to come and check your blog or website and this will be a potential lead to sales. Additionally, this kind of visitors will be likely to develop a sense of loyalty to your brand. So, reward first-time visitors by offering special deals or promotions. Encourage these visitors to share, comment and engage with your blog posts.