Understanding the PPC model by Google to run your small business [Part 1]

Understanding the PPC model by Google to run your small business [Part 1]

Understanding the PPC model by Google to run your small business

Not everyone is aware how does PPC model by Google works. Bellow, you will find the information you need to so that you can use effectively in order to run your small business with a higher rate of success.

Don’t restrict your search terms

Whether you start with specific or broad keywords, make sure you mix them over time. Have an even mix of long, specific phrases and short, neat search terms.

Test Different Ads

Try different search queries in the ad. Visualize what your customer is looking for and make it relevant. Your aim is to have as many words appear bold as possible.

Look at your competitors

What do similar businesses write in their message do they state better prices? Use this information to get the upper hand.

Use ad extensions

These extra links improve click-through rate as it targets specific services for different visitors. It simplifies the user experience and looks more professional.

Long tail keywords are more effective

This is something that requires some testing and changing over time. You may gain less traffic overall but this is not a failure as your PPC auction cost is lower and conversion is higher.

Dynamic Keywords

There are lots of good guides for this but ultimately it means you create fewer versions of an ad which are in turn more relevant and could have a higher QS and automatically saves your money.

No wasted clicks

A click can be bad if they leave the page immediately (‘bounce’). Over time, through testing, all clicks should lead to what was relevant. Cheating will only harm you long term.

Testing & Testing

Too often websites leave their ads alone. View the data, what’s working and what is not working? Tweak what doesn’t work and refine what does. A great campaign can take years to perfect.

Consistency is key

Language, tone, etc used in the ad should be indicative of your whole website. Avoid baiting clicks if your website is formal. People are looking for a reason to bounce.