Google Lets Users Mute Repetitive Remarketing Ads

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remarketing ads mute adsGoogle has updated its ads to let users mute ads that they’ve seen repeatedly.  This applies primarily to remarketing ads that encourage users to buy a product they’ve previously shown an interest.

Google calls these Reminders and in some cases, they can be useful. Most of the times, though, they can become annoyed.  Now, Google with its latest update, you can mute specific ads. All you have to do is head to Google’s Ads Settings website and scroll down to the new Reminder section. Then hit the “x” icon next to the products you’re tired of seeing and Google will mute them for 90days. The company says that advertisers don’t bother following after three months.

As part of the same update, Google is making some improvements to it’s “Mute This Ad” which lets you hide specific ads straight from the site or app where they show up.

When an advertiser is muted, the user will no longer see remarketing ads from them. Reminder ads can be blocked in apps and websites and in the coming months Google will expand this to include Youtube, Search and Gmail.

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