Google’s New Tool Tests your Website Speed

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Google’s New Tool Tests your Website Speed

Speed plays a vital role for website’s performance and can surely affect Google’s SEO ranking and user interaction on the website. Thankfully, Google, recently announced a new tool which allows you to check your website’s desktop and mobile speed performance.

PageSpeed, makes it easier for small business to test their sites and optimize speed in responsive web design or ensure mobile users are receiving the same data as desktop users. This is an easy to use test tool which provides valuable information on how you can optimize your website and speed up the performance.

PageSpeed, is user a friendly tool. Simply, you enter the URL of the website needs to be tested, and PageSpeed will automatically generate ratings for mobile and desktop versions among with a full report on areas that needs to fixed or improved.

The categories that PageSpeed is testing are the following:

  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Mobile Speed
  • Desktop Speed


What your scores say about your site

  • Mobile-friendliness: This is the quality of the experience customers have when they’re browsing your site on their phones. To be mobile-friendly, your site should have tappable buttons, be easy to navigate from a small screen, and have the most important information up front and center.
  • Mobile speed: This is how long it takes your site to load on mobile devices. If customers are kept waiting for too long, they’ll move on to the next site.
  • Desktop speed: This is how long it takes your site to load on desktop computers. It’s not just the strength of your customers’ web connection that determines speed, but also the elements of your website.


Test your website speed here