Visual Marketing: Why You Need To Use It For Your Brand

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Visual Marketing: Why You Need To Use It For Your Brand

Every business is different, so different outcome is expected from different type of companies from their digital marketing campaigns.

It’s very important to list down the goals that your campaigns will bring to your company whether this is engagement on social media, traffic on your website or increasing conversions. Visual Marketing can help you achieve these goals.

So what is a Visual Marketing? It’s simple. It’s when a brand uses visual content such as images, videos, infographics in order to engage with their customers. In fact 90% of information that enters the brain is visual. So if you are thinking to integrate visual content on your Marketing Strategy then now it’s the time to start doing it!


Using good images increases conversions and sales on your website. Content marketing is essential but few people will read about your services and blogs if the content is just pure text. By breaking up a text with an image, customers are more likely to read about your blog posts and become aware about your services.


Video is becoming demand in digital marketing. Although high quality written content is important with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram live, they all have changed the way digital marketers approach video. Now they can start engaging with customers and introducing visitors products in more exciting way rather than having a pure post with a text.



Written and Visual

Content which combines both images and text can also be a powerful tool. For example, Infographics are likely to have a lot of useful knowledge where your customers they find useful and would love to read about especially if you are in industry where customers need to know about results. Infographics, can be liked and shared more than any other type of content.


Different visual marketing tactics can help brands to achieve their goals. But as a final note you need to focus on your brand. Your social media and your website should be comply with your branding. So your followers know who you are as soon as they land on your page. In addition, fonts is another key factor you need to be aware. If your text is hard to read even if you have the best images they customers will abandon right away. Make sure it’s easy for them to read the text and be able to engage with your brand.