Digital Marketing for Startups

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Digital Marketing for Startups

Digital Marketing is something that requires expertise and know-how yes, thus agencies like us are exist and help small and scalable companies with their digital efforts. Startups may do not have the budget to start with an agency but below there are things that as a startup can put into place and begin the journey.


Sounds obvious! Until you know what the goals of your site should be, you can’t really know what type of websiteswebsite you should build and what should offer. But first, keep in mind that your website needs to have SMART goals.






SMART goals can help you with conversions on your site to completed with ease.

Second, what’s the point of your website? Will allow people to buy or subscribe on something? Or will be used for lead generation and grab customer’s attention?



1409323498_responsive_design_web_usability_scalable_website_page_layout_computer_interface_resize_internet_content_adjustable_site_flexible_mobile_phone_flat_design_icon-256– Page Elements – Every page on your site including your homepage should have it’s own title about what the page is about. This will help you to rank for a term. Say if you are selling “Vintage Watches for Women then you can formulate the title’s page as – Women’s Vintage Watches | From there URL will also be optimized to the title and you will rank for the term.

-Meta Descriptions – Is not a ranking factor but is your chance to highlight your unique content If customers searching for similar products/services then here’s your chance to promote your product in few words.

– Page Content – Now that you have a Page Title, URL and a description for each page, next step is to look at your content that is placed on the page which customers will see. Look at H1 (Headers), this is the first header on the page and should comply the content of your page. Following that, make sure you write a content which will explain the page. If you sell Women’s Vintage Watches, explain or show to them the watches in various color or provide tips on “how to wear”.



Google Analytics is essential tool to all businesses. At the end of the day you want to know what’s happening digital marketing for startups paprikaadsin your site that will allow you to make correct and take new business decisions. Setting it up correctly will allow you to answer questions such as how people reaching your site, what they are doing on your site, how long they stay up and how they navigating around and of course if they are completing the goals.


If you need any help or advice don’t hesitate to contact us! 🙂