Google Trending Searches

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Trending Searches and Instant Answer now on Google’s iOS App

Trending Searches and Instant Answer were two features only available on Android. Google’s latest update brings these two new features to its iOS app both of which will appear before a search is even conducted.

Trending Searches

Simply open the app and tap on the search bar to view trending searches. Underneath your recent search queries will be a section called “What’s Trending.”


By tapping on one of the trending searches will trigger the app to conduct the search for you.

Instant Answers

Instant answers in Google’s iOS app will appear as suggested searches are being rendered.


With such a small space in which to return instant answers, it’s possible they have to fit within a designated character limit.

Conducting a proper search query is still your best bet for finding the answers you need, but who knows, perhaps this feature will be improved over time as well.