Speaking The Language Of a Social Media Marketer


Speaking The Language Of a Social Media Marketer

Marketing has is its own language. The acronyms we use every day are an easy way to refer to tools, measurements, marketing methods, and more. Understanding what all these terms mean is important to being able to easily converse with your team and use these marketing techniques on a regular basis.

We have defined some of the most commonly used digital marketing acronyms, below. This is a refresher for seasoned marketers and a nice article to share it to those new to the space.

The acronyms Of a Social Media Marketer

SMM = Social Media Marketing

KPI = Key Performance Indicator: This is a value that is measuring the success of marketing campaigns and projects against business goals. Performance Indicators include all data and analytics measurements such as engagement rate, click through rate, etc.

ROI = Return on Investment: This is a formula which is used to calculate the profitability and efficiency of a marketing investment. The formula is ROI =(Value of Investment – Cost of Investing) / Cost of Investment

CTR = Click Through Rate: This is a formula which is used to determine how many people click a specific link out of the total number of people who view a piece of marketing content (landing page, blog post, email etc) CTR = (Number Clicks / Number of Impressions) x 100%

CTA = Click To Action: Word, phrase or image designed to prompt a specific action or response for your audience. E.g (Click here, Sign up, Call Now!)

PPC = Pay Per Click: A digital advertising payment method in which you pay a certain amount each time someone clicks on your ad. Also, referred to as CPC (Cost Per Click). There are other payment methods including CPL (Cost Per Lead) CPA (Cost Per Action).

SEO = Search Engine Optimization: Here is general practices used by marketers to follow when creating content and setting up their website, in order to improve search results and increase organic website traffic.