How to Create a Brand that Is Real and Authentic?

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How to Create a Brand that Is Real and Authentic?

Everyday you are being bombarded with ads and sales tactics. We are living in a world that has more information than we can process and is still increasing. Everyone is trying to pass a message and tell their story, however how you tell the story is the most important part of your journey. Being authentic is important for the long-term success.

So here are few quick things you can do in order create a brand that is real and authentic in the digital world:

Use Your Own Images

People want to see who you are. They want to see you what your life looks like as it is more easier to connect with people when you see how they are in real life, therefore it is important to create these connections where people can see and relate to. By all means, your images do not have to be perfect and doesn’t require a professional to shot all the time. We see so many professional images in the online world and we often feel that we cannot show up unless is perfect. Just make it consistent, for instance you can use the same filter on all of your photos.

Tell A Story

Story telling is the number one way to show your authenticity. Because this is YOU! People want to learn and buy from people who have similar experiences at one point, people who understand the journey, the struggles, the good and the bad and is important to show that you are this person.

Don’t Post and Ghost

Another important part of being authentic it to engage with people. It is important to respond to people, talk to them, reach out and establish a relationship that will make anyone want to listen to you. You have to be available for them s or people will not engage with you anymore.

Be Consistent

You have to keep showing up. It is important to be consistent, you cannot post once in a month and expect people come and buy from you.  It is important also, to figure what works for you and what people enjoy but figuring out this you should test and post often and then keep it and be consistent.

Don’t Strive for Perfection

Do not strive for perfection. It doesn’t have to be always right, people might  misspell a word sometimes in their caption, this makes them feel like they are real and they are human. They show up as who they are. There are many who will disagree with this because they want to show up as they make everyone happy however by doing this you are not deeply connect with anyone and you are not being your self.


To sup up, finding a quality product or service is already not enough. We are looking for authentic and transparent experiences that will make us feel good about the brands that we choose and associate with.


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