Gamification in Content Marketing Strategy

Gamification in Content Marketing Strategy


Gamification in Content Marketing Strategy

In order to apply gamified strategies into your content marketing, it doesn’t required you to be a large organization or have a massive marketing budget. Gamification can work for almost any product or service and can be adaptable to every budget.

Let’s discover more about it….

What is Gamification?


Gamification is the application of applying game mechanics on non-gaming activities and contexts. Gamification is of a great use in businesses which would like to engage and motivate their audiences. Marketers can appeal to the competitive nature of humans and engage consumers with the brand by rewarding players with points, badgets or display top players on a special leaderboards.

The main advantage of Gamification is that drives specific behaviors and motivate players to perform tasks which required time and effort and would be impossible to be applied into non-gamified environments.


How to start using Gamification in your Content Marketing Strategy?


If you never tried gamification in marketing it’s better to start with a simple game so you can learn and understand the basics e.g audience behavior. This will help you to proceed in an advanced level later, where you will see that your practices are rewarding you back. One way to start rewarding your users is when they are visiting your Facebook Page, following your Twitter or subscribe on your YouTube channel.

Structure it

If your game requires a manual aka is complicated enough to understand how to play and it consume a lot of time to get familiar with the game, then you will never see results. However, try to build something into set of activities which your visitors can learn about as the time goes by. Give away the most important information in order to start with them and then they can move to the next level.

Your Marketing Goals

Relate gamification to your marketing goals. Ensure that your visitors will not just come to play and then exit the page. Gamification, tries to create awareness for your product or service. Your game should direct your visitors into your website and every time motivating them to learn more regarding your product or service.


Gamification can be tricky and badly designed games can result in a non-successful marketing strategy. Regardless the industry or audience, it is an excellent way to spice up your content marketing as it can drive leads and thus increase your conversions. The main take away that one should keep, is to encourage customers to interact with services or products.