10 Easy Ways to Write Better Blogs

write better blog posts

Is your blog lacking that sparkle that makes audiences come back for more?

10 tips that will help you write better blogs.

1. Use Real Life Situations

Ask your clients and others in business community what they struggle with and use real-life situations your readers can relate to.

2. Write in short, concise paragraphs

Keep your points short and to the point at all times and leave lots of “white space” through out your blog post.

3.Watch the pros

Use Twitter lists an your favorite RSS reader to keep track of blogs from the pros to learn what they are doing.

4. Make Use of Sub Headers

Sub headers allow people to quickly scan and you can highlight important session in your blog post.

5. Spend more time on the title

The title is what’s responsible for getting people to read your content in the first place so it’s arguably the most important part of your entire blog post.

6. Add Multimedia

Include graphics, videos and slideshow presentations into your blog posts to make their more interesting.

7. Keep it Current

Stay on top of trends. Be the first release content helping people leverage new tools or information in your industry.

8. Write with a purpose

You should always have a goals in mind when writing blog posts. Know what your target market is looking for and choose the right keywords for SEO.

9. Don’t be a Slave to SEO

Writing for the search engines is important but not at the expense of quality content. Create compelling, original content tat will be of value to your target market.

10. Do top 10 Links

People love numbered list-style blog posts because they are easy to read and quick to scan. Keep it simple, keep it short and keep it high value.