Simple Ways to Grow your Email List

Simple Ways to Grow your Email List

Email List: Simple ways to grow your subscriber list

Experimenting, in marketing is one way to see which option to use in order to market your business especially when it’s a new business. A more established business on the other hand, will evaluate their options on ongoing basis by testing new platforms. One area, that remains the same, although at the moment we are having many channels to market our businesses, is the email. Email was the only one, existed before the major channels.

But how you come up with an email marketing list?

First things first. NEVER buy a list from anybody! We frequently see offers to sell a mailing list to clients but this is something you never want to try since you need to deal with data protection laws, and you are required by law to have people to hear from you, people on such lists, didn’t sign up to hear from you so why would you even want to contact them?

OK, how do you get started?

There are number of places you can secure legitimate email subscribers. Bellow are the most common way to get you started.


  1. Website – Add a sign-up form. If it’s a WordPress site then you can easily add a plugin and capture all the mail address. It’s free and in just a matter of minutes you can have an up and running form ready to collect email addresses.
  2. Social Media – Add a sign form. Run a competitions which is by default mandatory to provide an email, ask people also to sign up on your newsletter.
  3.  Email Signature – In addition to your contact details or social media links, include the option to subscribe to the newsletter.
  4. Make an offer – Offer an e-book with tips, discount vouchers, a promotions, sky’s the limit :), the email sign-up is required in order to receive the offer.
  5. Run an event – Offline or webinar event, a part of the registration process should be the email.

However, when you decide to capture email addresses, you must ensure that it’s compliant with data protection legislation and that you protect the information you capture, the email list should never be handed over to a third party for marketing purposes.

Grow your list now! It’s easy! 🙂