The Relation Between SEO and Digital Marketing

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The Relation Between SEO and Digital Marketing

In the last few years, we have seen an increase from companies to use Digital Marketing as a part of their strategy. This is because, they would like to improve their sales, productivity and audience engagement. The methods in Digital Marketing, that companies are using in digital area, are SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click). These are the two methods that can be used in an online marketing strategy and bring traffic to your site.

How to improve website productivity with SEO as a part of your Digital Marketing Strategy?

  1. Your Business Website

    This is where you need to invest. Your website is the place where it will bring the traffic leads and finally a conversion for the company. It’s your online “showroom”. Here’s where you can promote your products or services from your company as most of your business content will be publishing here.

  2. Online Advertising

    Here’s where we can discuss about which methods are better work for your business. PPC or SEO? Although, there is no a straight answer, it is good to combine SEO with PPC campaigns for the keywords that converting. The use of online advertising performs better for brand awareness and visibility on business websites and banners.

  3. Email Marketing

    This is a type of Marketing, which is still widely used among business and works well. Email marketing shows great ROI for businesses. If your company uses SEO as online strategy, email marketing can be a great fit by combining SEO. For instance, you can create an email where the content will target the most targeted keywords for your customers. Hence, you will see that a high-quality content will bring valuable results to your business as you deliver direct to your customer. Email Marketing is an old but the most important method for your Marketing Strategy as it showcases what your company offers to your customers.

  4. Content

    We are always saying about Content! Content is KING! Your content needs to be attractive, as you want from your website visitors to be attracted by what you offer. You should have an informative content so they feel that you care and add value for them. A good SEO, will always be relevant to the website, thus if you need more traffic, a valuable content will bring the right customers to your business and also your products/services will be valuable to them.

  5. Social Media

    Social Media is your digital networking platform. It will help you to make your content viral as having a great content visitors or customers will share it to others. In addition, is your way to communicate and engage with your customers directly, building a layer of trust with them and have a public face.