Create the Right Brand Voice For Your Business

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Create the Right Brand Voice For Your Business

Brand identity is not limited to slogans, images, logos. The tone is also a way for you to communicate your values and spread your marketing messages. You need to be careful with your brand’s voice, otherwise you will end up having random voices and tones and will not provide a consistent image of your brand.

So how you can identify your Brand’s Voice?

Your content should reflect your brands values across all mediums. Before any copy is written, is important to identify a tone so you can engage across all social media channels, with the same written communication.

Express Brand Values

What are your brands values and messages? Professional? Fresh thinking? Knowledge? Accurate? Once you have describe your brand then you can make sure that this will reflect when you are writing. If you are in Financial Industry you will probably keep a serious voice since your audience will be looking for a professional approach.

Speaking the Right Language

You need to speak in a language that your audience is familiar with. – Start with demographics. What’s their age? How much they earn? What are their values or principles? Research them and fully understand the language your target audience uses. Will help you to have a voice that will boost also the engagement on your media channels.

Meet Your Goals

If you are an E-commerce site which is designed to make sales needs to have a certain urgency tone whereas if you are an educational site you need to be focused on clarity.


By identifying your brand voice you can successfully boost your audience engagement as your voice is building trust and it feels like a home reading to your users. What you will be saying will sound familiar and it is important to treat them right by doing their tone setting!